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26th October 2013

Something new about Lilly Kartonella: There is a calender available now! :w00t: :w00t:
Please have a look at my homepage for further information. (Sorry, only in German)
Isn't that cool? *doing a happy dance


11th September 2013

Do you know our project CTL2013? Its a 52 weeks project and we are 7 photographers. All of us have their own little action figure and pursue different concepts. Have a look at our website or our facebook page - feedback is very appreciated :)

I would like to share a making-of today. Maybe you have seen my latest project picture:
36-52 CTL2013 - Cpt. Lilly Sparrow by FeliDae84

If you would like to know, what went into creating the costume, feel free to have a look at the making-of here.


19th August 2013

:bulletred:add me on facebook if you like my work (finally managed a fanpage there :D):

:bulletred: new wedding shoot in September :party:


8th July 2013

Enjoy and please feel free to comment :)


26th June 2013

Aloha again :) At least I got to update my journal more often, even if its just an update and not a new entry :aww:

:bulletred:I finally got permission to display some of the photos of my first wedding shoot. Take a look: The first wedding


10th May 2013

Aloha everybody,

man, those last two weeks were very exciting and till the end of the month it won't get any "better" *gg
I just wanted to let you now some things:

:bulletred: Some photos of the workshop with Pink Pixel are online on my homepage. Feel free to have a look and comment, if you like :)

:bulletred: The wedding lust Saturday was great. Of course there were some moments where I wished to be better prepaired, but for the first try, I think it worked :) I am sooooo excited what the couple will say, when they see their pictures :)

:bulletred: I have a second wedding coming up by end of May *hooray

Have a nice weekend everyone and thanks for stopping by :)
:hug:s & :blowkiss:s


Aloha everybody,

Well, as it seems, I wasn't mistaken when I posted my journal last December - oops, I mean, November... Was it really that long ago? But I will bring you up to everything in a second :)

A bad thing happened two weeks ago: My A500 died. I don't know why, and its still with the technicians, I hope to see an estimate soon. However, as I will be taking pictures at a wedding next week I couldn't wait for the repaired A500. So I decided to do an upgrade and got myself the Sony A57 (why does so many look at me "like that" - Sony is cool :P). After some initial problems, I quite like it. Furthermore I bought a 85mm 1,4 lens in February and this is just awesome :)

As the wedding will be next Saturday, please keep your fingers crossed, that everything will work out. I am confident that it will, but I am very nervous too. It's a big day, not only for the couple *gg To be prepaired as best as I could, I booked a wedding photography workshop last Sunday with Pink Pixel Photography. It was a wonderful experience and I think that helped alot to get some confidence. Pink Pixel has some very special style in her pictures that I really like. Enjoy her homepage :)

I just had a look at the previous journal and I also told you about the exhibition. Well, it took place from February till April and it was really nice seeing ones photographs printed and so beautifully arranged. Now, they are all packed up and standing in my flat and I'm not quite sure where to go from here. We will see what the future brings :) If you like, feel free to visit my homepage for a blog entry of the exhibition opening.

On 1st January we, as in 6 other photographers and me, started a wonderful 52 weeks project which is called "Come to life 2013". We have a blog and a facebook page and we are doing a pretty good job so far. Not one late picture hooray! As we are using toys for our project, you may have seen Danbo in my gallery (quite often at the moment). But don't be mistaken, its Lilly with me and apart of the edges she is a whole new girl go figure :aww: The facebook page is mainly in German, but at our blog, we have nearly everything in English too. We are also sharing making ofs and little extras there so maybe you would like to have a look?
Here you can find our blog and here our facebook page.

Maybe/hopefully, I'll write again more often, but as :icon51ststate: was so kind to give me premium membership, I will use it to promote some photographes and arts that I stumbled across recently and would like to share with you.

Have a nice time, everybody.
Hugs & Kisses

Bremen Photo Excursion 03-11 - 3 by 51ststate Colorful Springtime by 51ststate Alba 10 - Inchmahome Priory by 51ststate

I.D by faestock fairy tale by MartaSyrko :thumb355735683: Blade by Christoph-Michaelis
Princess Collection by Amanda-Diaz Rose Redd III by Amanda-Diaz se reveiller by sirbion

Mature Content

~wings~ by Christoph-Michaelis

Mature Content

-N- by Christoph-Michaelis
4 by silverwolfieofficial Su Schu III by Hart-Worx
Egypt by Einsilbig New Perspectives (Part 2) by Einsilbig :thumb356964717: in the interest of space by kevinsaintgrey
Burning Heart by Mustesielu Medusa by kaaaay
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Aloha everybody,

my last journal is nearly a year old, but as I wouldn't do any features without the thumbs I thought it would be best, to simply let the feature here as long as I could.
Maybe its a little to early to tell you a bit about the year, but who knows if I will find the time to write a journal around christmas. Not taking the chance, so here a little review of 2012.

- I got myself the Sony 16-105mm lens - its great and I nearly use it all the time now, if I'm not shooting macros.
- Since two weeks, my homepage is online - please feel free to have a look at: :) (already uploaded pictures here on dA will get the watermark step by step)
- I really really need to clean the sensor of my camera *note down for 2013 *gg

- I did some nice little trips to Dresden, Saxon Switzerland or the Baltic Sea during the year. Its so nice to get out and see something different :)
- I've been in Italy for a week during summer and it was absolutely fantastic! What should I say, you may have seen the pictures. If not, just start here.
- I will have the opportunity to exhibit some photographs in 2013 :w00t:

Whats to come in 2013?
- First of all the exhibition of my pictures. Originally it was planned for this year but had to be postponed to next year due to some circumstances I couldn't do anything about.
- I'll start my first 52-week project with six other photographers. I think it will be fantastic, so I hope you'll like it too :) I'll share some more information with you as soon as I can :)
- I would like to continue with little short trips in Germany. Those were so much fun this year.
- I would like to continue to improve my photography and even may do some manips again (would love too).
- I would like to do more portraits, and I'm working on that :)
- If I can afford it, I would like to buy a better 55-300mm and a 100mm macro lens.. ..hey, a girl can dream :D

So what do you think? I know I uploaded less pictures this year, but did I improve? Do you see any difference or development?

As always take care :heart:

Watermarks and Feature

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 31, 2012, 5:00 AM

Aloha everybody :)

Before I will share some recent favs with you, I would like to ask your opinion. First the story: I stumbled across a website where several images (mostly nature photography) where taken to illustrate poems. So far so good. They even linked back to deviantart but they changed the image as they wrote the poem ON the image itself. It would have been okay if they have asked me first. After some e-mails they took my picture down.
My question now is: Should I use watermarks? If so, anything big or rather small? What should I write on it? I don't have a website yet but I'm active in different communities, I wouldn't want to change it on every page o.o How do you handle that? For that purpose as well, I just wrote a poll and I would be happy if you could show me how you see it or just participate :) Please send me any suggestions you might have for a watermark. Thanks :)

Now to the fun part, enjoy! :aww:

The worshippes by MarcinBera Infinite Journey by Hengki24 Tossa de Mar by Durdenyr
:thumb280101714: Double O's by o0oLUXo0o North Sea Sunset by soulofautumn87
Big Ben at Sunset by AlexGutkin The Golden Chapel by Matthias-Haker The Carousel by Durdenyr
All those curves by Matthias-Haker Help me Disappear II by disies the wall by augenweide
Bruni by Samashy Mouse Slayer by ZoranPhoto Silhouette by amisiux
In Longing Spirit by alexandre-deschaumes Retro Nazu Girl 0 by evthan Theres no place like home.... by Amanda-Diaz
fragile by Chaerul-Umam :: Veil :: by sabbbriCA goodnight lovers by Eliara
__ by AlinaSoloviova Ineska by Nirvatic abyss by ezorenier
Marina by BubbleguN-oo Alannah by fae-photography WATCHMAN by simsalabima
'Autumn flowering' by rossalev-andrey Elf by NataliaCiobanu The golden queen by Annie-Bertram
On Fire by kuschelirmel Briar Rose by dustfae What Lies Beneath by Kechake
It's you, it's you, it's all for you by Mihray _manchmal_ by Christoph-Michaelis Tanzen auf Wellen aus Licht by DanielHeydecke

css by Tattoomaus78
brush by Mosh
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Happy New Year!

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 31, 2011, 8:36 AM

Aloha everybody!

:bulletred: First of all, I would like to wish you a happy new year! May 2012 be successful for you and that your new years resolutions come true...or at least some;)

:bulletred: Second, I would like to thank the anonymous deviant who gave 3 months subscription to me! Thank you so much :glomp:

:bulletred: Third, I would like to thank you all for your support on my second DD: Reading between the lines I am so happy about it but its difficult for me now to upload any new pictures... every picture seems somehow not right. Do you know, what I mean? I hope you still enjoy watching me (if you do :)) and I'm always glad about feedback!
I would like to use this journal as well to thank you, my dear friends, for your support :heart:
Have a look at their galleries, they are all amazing!

:bulletred: Fourth, Feature :aww:

Pier by Hengki24 untitled by SaphoPhotographics Bridge_Study_2 by LazeeBonez
ginkgo by augenweide s u r r e a l s t a n b u l by HuseyinKaRa :thumb275039409:
Lower Park, Study 3 by kapanaga A Moment Suspended In Time by xMEGALOPOLISx Black Milk by MarcinFlis
:thumb272653192: Ethereal by Hengki24 Christmas Tree by Hengki24
Black by WouterPera  :thumb251355053: hello world by Megson

Mature Content

Depth of Feel by RadActPhoto
'' by tejido  :thumb172799530:

Take me home_3 by DietrichVonSchwarz :thumb258578266: Pure by KiaraBlackPhotograph Lady by nRoulinsou
Mona Lisa by Amanda-Diaz

Mature Content

there is still hope by intels

Mature Content

contrasts by alfred-georg
rainy days by miezeTatze

. by LostCaradelNeil Old Before My Time. by PlaceInTheDirt From Embrace to Embrace by farbensturm
2011-059 by rainris Red Riding Hood by kuschelirmel Autumn on my table by KARRR

Scotland 26 by MatthiasHaltenhof Pillars by chrisgin .:Zion 1:. by RHCheng
Hypnosis by mojewredneja

Mature Content

Study in trichophilia by radharc-dorcha
Windowpane III by farbensturm

So, what now? Yeah – right! Partytime! Wish you all a great evening!

:hug: & :blowkiss:

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...time for a feature

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 5, 2011, 1:15 PM

I would like to share a new feature with you... some recent fav's
...this will probably be a big feature... maybe you should get a cup of coffee or glass of wine ...enjoy :frail:

In The Wind by KayleighJune otherworld by Einuhr Evgenia 001 by EvgeniaVonTess

Down here an ocean dives by kayjensen SSU by foart Memories of a Lifetime iv by warnaiman
:thumb266943391: switzerland8 by Gehoersturz Alice by zepiaf
Eeyore - BW by AndySimmons Minority by lwc71 Jesica by mariasvarbova

1915 by LiliumEternal Moni by mariasvarbova Dec2 by anticuus
:thumb198954990: Wind of Fate by bimbom

Mature Content

Me and Tanya by Vitaly-Sokol

Mature Content

Stream. by Vitaly-Sokol

Last day of the summer... by Swan-Lake L'Ecume des jours - Chloe by SuzyTheButcher The  closed heart by aleksesss
Moscow by maniacboxer

Mature Content

Trio by vpotemkin

Mature Content

russian dancer 2 by markdaughn

Moon Butterflies by Oer-Wout See the sun by Fra-Emer :thumb266989583:

Ghostly Memories by alexandre-deschaumes Autumn by Coy-Creek Taking a stroll by AimishBoy Waves by Vitaly-Sokol

Mature Content

-petit II- by Christoph-Michaelis

denizz by kemal-kamil-akca

Mature Content

Sterile by TitusBoy25
..You're Never Meant to Read. by xBassxHarmingx

:thumb264661610: Eilean Donan Castle by fae-photography warp by PatrickWally
Balanced by TavenerScholar Moment of luck by longest13 even if the world ends by AF-studios
DAEMONSTRATE by MarcoHayek Electus by deignis -sometimes- by Christoph-Michaelis

Last but not least, I would like to thank you for your support! One of my last deviantions received over 320 :+fav:s in about three weeks. I am so proud. Thanks so much :heart:
Back to Black by FeliDae84

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27th October

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 27, 2011, 3:00 PM

...the day is nearly over... just 8 minutes left... Today would have been her birthday... thought long what to write, how to write... just putting it simply now...

I miss you, Kati ...alot minute left

:blackrose: TylersAngel

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ARTpack III and Feature

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 5, 2011, 1:48 AM

:bulletred::iconnemesisartgroup: relaesed its third ARTpack this week. The theme this time was "fetish". Take a look and enjoy:

Nemesis ARTpack Release 3 by Tattoomaus78

:bulletred: Feature
at NemesisARTGroup we are having contests and battles for photomanipulations as well as photography. Merlinator and ssl000ave were so kind to give out prices :w00t: I got 1200:points: from Merlinator and a nemesis-artgroup-sticker from ssl000ave :party: Thank you so much!

Birdy by Merlinator

Mature Content

Dream by Merlinator
Mother Earth by Merlinator

Just hangin around by ssl000ave The Flying Mammoth by ssl000ave Searching Wetlands by ssl000ave

:bulletred: photography and artwork feature

79259 by aleksandra88 White by Slawa signatur by augenweide
Slichigan River by sensorfleck White Punk  is not dead by GoncaloBorgesDias Cracks In The Sky by CainPascoe
the essence of the soul by PsycheAnamnesis :thumb201690492: Its just a game by PoppyPhotography
Once upon a swan by TomekKarol ghost palace v2. by arbebuk Guillemins Train Station HD by Durdenyr
Minimalistic by DREAMCA7CHER Reaching Out by IvanAndreevich Crafty Eyes... by SirJaymes
Diamonds are Forever by erezmarom :thumb213303836: norge06 by Gehoersturz

Mature Content

Flour Dance by TonyD3
:thumb193572108: :thumb117239080:
Livia III by LJS-Photo

Mature Content

Self Bondage 5 by MordsithCara

Mature Content

SonioSo10_23 - 1 by vvolfmann

:thumb194233034: 60572 by kubicki angel tears by grohsARTig  

Mature Content

A n i w e n II by Luthiae
Dream Of A Maid IV by kemal-kamil-akca Dream Of A Maid II by kemal-kamil-akca
Jealous Love by kimded :thumb239092419: Time by imperioli

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Promised Feature

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 9, 2011, 8:44 AM

Aloha everybody :)

As announced in my last journal I am so happy to feature again... so no further remarks... just sit back, relax and enjoy my little selection :rose:

Blue planet by PansaSunavee - No Title 16 - by KARRR Sparse Tree by Hengki24
up by arbebuk Memories of a Life time i by warnaiman F   A   R       A    W   A  Y by BOsKiKroKodyL
Castles Of Stone by NicolasAlexanderOtto bird flight by TheLastOfDays Distant by NicolasEvariste

Mature Content

deep2 by artwom77
. . . mirror, mirror . . . by phoenixgraphixstudio from pluto by Piarvi-Recherreen
Fetish by GRAFIKfoto :thumb194730002: against the mOOn by bitterev
Misty by Slawa

Mature Content

GRETA by artwom77
Spirited by Kvikken
Gentle threnody by alexandre-deschaumes Red balloon by Rob1962 Tears of Autumn by LimpidD

The Eye of the Vortex by alexandre-deschaumes Inside what's within behind by beldonga Mono-Surge by InnerComa

:thumb193941714: :thumb193941479: :thumb193941402: suggested by :iconmihray:

Reverie2 by fae-photography Inflame by my-bohemian-spirit Lady M by artwom77 Curves by my-bohemian-spirit
Her morning elegance II by paintedpoppy The secret garden V by cherrilady :thumb195411060:
Lily of the Nile: Nefertiti by armene feathers. by dorguska deep history 2 by artwom77

css by Tattoomaus78
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Subscription + Point of Simplicity

Journal Entry: Tue May 31, 2011, 1:54 AM

Aloha everybody,

First of all I would like to thank Merlinator for the subscription :glomp: I won the first PhotoART Contest at and he donated 1200 :points: I'm so happy :aww:

Point of Simplicity
As some of you may have noticed I'm totally into minimalistic photography (as well as black/white, landscape, close-ups, story telling images *stops)... the point is - Ode-to-simplicity is one of my favourite groups here on dA and teyasaveleva published her first magazine "Point of Simplicity" some days ago. Its a beautiful layout and includes some interesting interviews. I feel so honoured to be included. You may have a look at it here: point-of-simplicity.blogspot.c… Enjoy! Can't wait for the next issue :aww:

I am so happy to be able to feature again I might as well ask for your suggestions :) Send me a link of a work which you would like to see featured (your own or from somebody else). I'll include your suggestion in a selection of some of my recent favourites.

Have a nice day :sun:
:hug:s & :blowkiss:s

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Aloha everybody :sun:

I hope, all of you are doing well?
Spring is finally here - the sun is shining - 20°C and blue blue sky... every season is special, but I like spring the most... all the tiny and big blossoms, the fresh colours - just love it :love:

Wish you all a wonderful extented weekend :sun:

:hug:s & :blowkiss:s
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Aloha everybody :sun:

Some are a part of it, others may want to check it out: - group on deviantart is :iconnemesisartgroup:
We are a group of artists with different styls and skills in digital art and photography. Have a look and leave a comment, if you like :)

Today my 9th work has been accepted at! I am so proud and happy - its like a DD here or maybe even better ;)
A Winter's Tale II, If only I could, End of my day, Spectrum, Blues, Beyond the Sea, Ink Flower, Milk Flower and today White kissed :dance:

As I can't insert thumbs at the moment, I think a feature wouldn't be so nice to look at - I'll think of something for the next update :)

Take care everybody,
:hug: & :blowkiss:
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Update and Egypt

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 6, 2011, 5:33 AM

Aloha everybody,

I think nobody could have missed the daily news from Egypt. As it is, I've just been there... not in the middle of it... but we've seen the beginnings of the first demonstration day. At that time we where in the "Museum of Egypt" (which lies near the centre of the city) when we suddenly had to leave the building and were escorted by police. Our bus wasn't there and we had to take any bus and leave directly for our hotel. On our way we heard people chanting, saw human chains blocking streets, fully armed. It was scary... but that was all we saw. We left Cairo just one day later and had no problems on our way to Hurghada... but there the news become more and more urgent and we felt very insecure because even the German staff of the hotel did not get the same information we got from German television... I get the point of the people on the streets but when I learnt the day before yesterday that the museum and others had been plundered, mummies distroyed, statues thausends and thausends of years old knocked over, treasures from the tomp of Tutankhamun taken and/or distroyed... I cried... its just unbelievable for me how anybody can do this to this culture... which, as our travel guide Ali put it, doesn't belong to Egpyt but to the world...

Nevertheless *searching for words... I had a wonderful trip from Luxor to Assuan and back by ship... I will post some pictures of this trip in the next days... please keep in mind, that those do not reflect the mood of Egypt now... most of them are very peaceful shots... I hope you will enjoy them and put the news aside for one split second.

Take care everybody :rose:,

All-time Favourits

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Update and Feature

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 6, 2010, 12:48 PM

So :) Here I go again - maybe last entry for this year...

Aloha everybody :)

Maybe its the season or just because another year ends.. well, it doesn't really matter, does it? I want to say a few things and you are welcome to read and comment or just jump to the bottom and its feature :)
It was very turbulent year. With ups and downs... who doesn't know such times and the skill - or is it knowledge? - is, to stay true to yourself. First of all I want to thank some people for just what they are - my friends:
:bulletred: Tattoomaus78 for being an open-minded and outright person which puts so much heart and passion, in everything she does - I'll always be your lil' Küken *gg (which means chick but in a nice way :rofl:) :hug:
:bulletred: molli01 for showing me Austria and Venice and introducing me to TrueBlood, Glee and others ...and wonderful evenings while watching a show and conversations like "awwww cuuuuute", "ooh nooo" and "wtf o.o" ...and singing cartoon songs out of nowhere :giggle: Hopefully I'll see you in September ;) :hug:
:bulletred: Christoph-Michaelis for his inspiration, patience, words, comments and so much more :hug:
:bulletred: Drezdany, arite and Jessi - thanks so much for the wonderful evenings with you... I am sorry that I'm not a quick learner with the piano as I had dreamed of but I enjoyed the evenings now even more :aww: :hug:
:bulletred: b1gag3 for your opinion and advice, your wonderful way to write - as I said, you need a Blog, man - WSFDZSW :lmao: good luck with the new job :hug:
:bulletred: Mihray for every single postcard (which are all on my fridge ;)) and your patience for every time I asked your address back XD :hug:

And I want to thank you all, my watchers, for your kind words, :+fav:s and every feature. Those are very much appreciated, even if I don't have the time to thank you all in time... so - Thank youuuuuuuuuuuu :hug:

So thats said... but "Das Leben ist kein Ponnyschlecken und auch kein Zuckerhof..." (Live is not always good to you, or something like this)... There are things someone don't want to think about because it hurts and you think your heart will break... I don't have lost someone, but lost her in a different way. I don't want to say to much or I may not be able to stop... but... when something bad happens and you feel sorry, please do not feel sorry for yourself... maybe it sounds strange to you, but to be there for a person who needs you is much more important than you feeling sorry. Be strong. If you truly love this person you have to stay strong for him or her - he or she does not deserve less. Thanks to all of you who know what I'm writing about and helped in many different ways :heart:

Now I feel a little better *gg And to catch the mood I'll give you my most hated video from youtube (in comparison)… ...just some fun, requested by Tattoomaus78 What I love most is to make other people happy, so if it puts a smile on your face, its all I wanted ;)

F E A T U R E - T I M E
:thumb179927297: :thumb175967743: Engel by Transylvanian-Angel
s e a r c h i n g by fantaijo divine by Calisto-Photography the butterfly effect by PsycheAnamnesis
Sandglass by Hengki24 expectant by augenweide F a m i l y by ZanaSoul
a summer gone by Zyklotrop in l i f e . in d e a th by gutterface Hearts in Autumn by AbaddonArt

Take care, everybody :rose:

All-time Favourits

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...and the winner is... - Update

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 16, 2010, 6:10 AM

And edit again o.o 23.11.2010
I'm speachless - another image of mine in the galleries of :faint:
Blues by FeliDae84

Small edit - 16.11.2010

Yeeeaahh - My 4th image in the galleries of - thats like a DD or maybe even better *ggg ;)
Spectrum by FeliDae84 was nominated and accepted *dance :party:


Aloha everybody :)

Maybe it was a bit too much for one journal entry or not enough time... but nobody tried to have some fun with the snail shots... but as it is, one deviant liked it so much and used it as an drawing reference (even not knowing of the planned mini-theme) and I love it :aww: After a little chat with b1gag3 we decided to give all points and this feature tooooooooooooooooooooo:

:iconella128517: with her work Color... by Ella128517

Enjoy :aww:

Take care,

All-time Favourits

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Letter to TylersAngel

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 27, 2010, 10:55 AM

Dear Kati,

Today is your birthday and I really, really would like to wish you a happy birthday ...but I can't... for one because I'm to far away... and second.. I don't know, if you would hear me... I so wish you could read this, I would like to call you, would like to tell you myself... I remember the times we met, we were on the phone or chatted in icq and keep it in my heart... I think of you every day and see the pictures you took of me and others here on deviantart and I miss you so much... I miss your advice, your humor... I miss our photo shootings and we had still so many ideas and we had always so much fun..I'm so glad now, that I visited you in was tricky and I thought about canceling..well, as I said..I'm so glad that I could come to you...knowing now that it could have been the last time...
I miss you so much, dear... I miss how you gave me the feeling to be special... I would like to thank you for so many things...I hope, you know it ...somehow...

With all my heart...

All-time Favourits

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Winners - Features - Minicontest

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 6, 2010, 11:45 AM

Aloha everybody,

:bulletred: First of all I would like to present the winners of the "Illustrated Secrets" Contest, held by Xpose-it

1st Place :thumb165938786: by DaAniellA
2nd Place Unfinished titl... by Dreamcatcher88 by Dreamcatcher88
3rd Place :thumb171752032: by x8-AtomicAbi-8x

Honourable Mention to:

Sorry for the delay, but better late then never: Congratulations! :cookie: :party:

:bulletred: Second :) b1gag3 used a little feature game in one of his last journals and I took part, so... the game goes like this: You've 10 slots for a feature and the first 9 that comment on this journal will get featured. The first goes to the person you were featured by. Here we go:
1.Day 19 - Still waiting for you by b1gag3 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

:bulletred: and thirdly
Maybe you've seen my little series of snail squares? Well, b1gag3 had the idea for the following contest. It will be quite easy for you guys, I believe!
Carry-on Baggage by FeliDae84 Snail Rodeo by FeliDae84 King of the Hill by FeliDae84
- Pick one of the three images and add a speech bubble to the picture (please use english!) It can be whatever you like, e.g. an exclamation or anything else believe would fit your chosen image! So be creative :)
- Upload the edited picture either to your scrubs or to your gallery (whatever you prefer) and send me the link with your entry via note. Please use "Minicontest" as the subject! (Also don't forget to insert a link back to me in the artist comments of your entry)
- Deadline will be the 31st October. I'm going to prepare a journal entry for 1st November with all the entries.
- Judges will be b1gag3 and me :)

And we even have prices :D
1st: 10Points and a Journal feature
2nd: 5Points and a Journal feature
3rd: Journal feature

I think thats alot of information in one journal entry and I'll pass the news part *ggg Hope you will enjoy the contest winners - please comment if you want to get featured and don't forget to send me your lil' snail cartoon :D

Take care :hug:

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DD - News - Feature

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 10, 2010, 11:10 AM

Small Update
I can't believe it! I've an account with and If only I could... was nominated for the main galleries. Thats like a DD :faint:
:party: :party: :party:

Aloha everyone :)

First of all I would like to thank you all for your support, :+fav:s and comments on my first DD Fragile. I'm so happy about it *free hugs for all :party:

Well... *thinking
I'm back from vacation... But I think you've guessed that *gg
It was way to short, but I've only four weeks till I will visit molli01 :w00t: She is planning so much and it will be a lot of fun. Can't wait, dear :hug:

I spent some time at the North Sea near St. Peter-Ording as mentioned in my last journal. The weather was wonderful and I had a lovely time there :) Pictures will be uploaded soon :aww:

Don't forget the feature :D
During the last weeks I noticed that I've a weakness for black/white images at the moment... And especially with long exposures on lakes, oceans etc *gg So here is a little theme feature. Hope you will like it.

Inside breakwater by MarcinFlis Into the Light by sleephead Clustered by drkshp
Squared Surface by I-am-Gyperion Stones I by EmilStojek inner silence by EbruSidar
Singapore - Crossroads by xMEGALOPOLISx Infinity by AndrewToPhotography :thumb172785336:
Hopefully I'll be able to take shots like that myself some day :) They are so amazing :aww:

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News and Feature

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 15, 2010, 12:29 PM

15 July 2010 Lil' Update
Oh my goooooosh... Just saw Eclipse... I know, I know some or maybe the most of you will think, wt* but honestly: The movie was GREAT! The first one was right, the second movie sucked alot mostly because of the wolfs... but know, holy macaroni - that was fantastic... charming, romantic, adventures, stunning, funny.. what can you ask more of an entertaining movie?
*totally blown away

Aloha :sun:

As some of you might have noticed: summer is heeeeeeere :dance: And I can't wait to get some free time at last. 1 1/2 weeks left and then I'll be off for two weeks :iconeeeeeplz:
I'm planning to stay with some relatives near the North Sea and other than that... just relax... taking some pictures... swimming, barbecueing *ggg

...well *thinking... I'll upload some pictures soon. I've so many "in stock", which I want to share with you... some are already a couple of months old :o:o Hope you'll enjoy them nevertheless.

I think it didn't escape your attention that I had an awesome weekend with Tattoomaus78 two weeks ago. I tried to take some portraits of her and we are really happy with the results :aww:. Please tell me what you think, as I would like to improve my skills.

And now on to the fun part: featuuuuuuuuure of recent :+fav:s

PS.: Do you also receive 1500 pics in your inbox in just two days? :o The groups are a great idea, but sometimes I feel flooded :faint: So how should I ever be able to choose just a few... well… there’s absolutely no way :giggle:

Enjoy :blackrose:

rest for a spell by Tattoomaus78 don wanna find a name 4 myself by fal-name horse fan by arite
what do you want..., tiger? by Tattoomaus78 .: K I T T Y :. by ScorpionEntity :thumb167917099:
Singapore - Crossroads by xMEGALOPOLISx Iceland 24 by lonelywolf2 journey.. by govo
Folk wind by PansaSunavee Flower BW by Somebody--else :thumb167743088:

Mature Content

the gift by kahengrace

Mature Content

Lips by mamasi
Kill Me Softly by AClockworkBlue

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I. am. Stunned.

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 3, 2010, 3:56 AM

Aloha :)

First of all I want to thank you sooooooooooooo much for the kind words and :+fav:s on my latest submission Am Ende des Weges. I am stunned :faint: but so happy! :w00t:

:blowkiss: Thank you Thank you Thank you *sending free hugs and kisses


:thumb165640913: :thumb164843991: :thumb164513580:
quiet by 6-Nedward the curve by augenweide Layers I by IgorKawecki
:thumb121919549: :thumb140255023: breath in - let go by SabrinaCichy

Those blew me away. Hope you like them too - send them some love :aww:.

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Some news and a Feature

Journal Entry: Sun May 2, 2010, 5:09 AM

Small Edit :)

One of my favourite groups :iconode-to-simplicity: issued a great news article, including some of my works :heart:. Maybe you would like to check it out…. Enjoy :glomp:



Aloha :)

How are you? Hope everybody is enjoying the spring and sunshine :)

I just wanted to let you know some things...
first, I'm so happy to visit TylersAngel next weekend. Its been faaaaaaaar to long :heart:
In June hopefully Tattoomaus78 and Mihray will visit me in Berlin :dance:
And last but not least, I'm so looking forward to visit my friend molli01 in September :w00t: We've already planned so much, that my feet start aching already ;)

Now a question to you :)
Do you think that I'm uploading to many photographs? If so, please explain. Are you bored with so many close-ups?

But on with the fun part: The Feature :D
I've picked some latest :+fav:s. Enjoy!

Wannabe incense by Oer-Wout Still of the Night by since91 remember those days by latoday
Jezebel ...... by jarrod343 Boquet Rock'n'Roll by molli01 I_I by mikzn
attack by odpium expectant by augenweide Seagull by Chaerul-Umam
the Lake by leenik

Mature Content

Little Black Dotted Panties by femketje
Longing by GinAngieLa


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